Friday, September 7, 2007

My almost new kitchen!

We had new granite countertops and backsplash installed today, as well as a new sink and faucet. I love love love it! Did I mention that I love it? We've been living with purple laminate countertops since we moved in. I'm not quite sure where the previous owners were going with it. Next up will be stainless steel appliances, hopefully some time next year and new flooring as well. Check out my before and after pics!


amy said...

LOVE the kitchen!! We have done other renovations the kitchen is next after we put new windows in!!

deLa said...

WOW! that is amazing what new countertops and curtains can do!

and - i LOVE the sink being "below" the countertop. it grosses me out how stuff gets stuck between the sink and the countertop, and you no longer have that problem! (if you ever did!)

LYNN said...

Hi! I wanted to let you know that you've been tagged for a "meme."